SPIN 2030

With social media campaigns, events and many other measures, the SPIN2030 campaign brings the structures, research results and excellence of the state of science to life.
SPIN2030 is the campaign for Saxony as a center of science. It shows the minds that make Saxony so special as a research location (Faces of SPIN), provides an overview of the scientific institutions and allows a targeted search in an interactive research map. But SPIN2030 is much more than that: the Land of Science on four social media channels, national and international micro-campaigns, SPIN2030 on site with the people at events - and on roadshows through the Land of Science.

Social media

Never miss anything again: Subscribers to the SPIN2030 channels can find out what research is currently being carried out in the "News" every week. We also present all of Saxony's universities, colleges and non-university research institutions until summer 2024. Interested in research policy? The "On the road with the Minister of Science" section provides an insight into the work of the ministry.


Saxony as a
research location


MINT - Lectureship

Cinema spot

Experience Saxony as a State of Science: SPIN2030 events

Kick-off event

At a brilliant launch event in February 2023, Minister President Kretschmer and Science Minister Gemkow gave the starting signal for the campaign "SPIN2030. Saxony as a land of science". The starting point of the campaign was an agenda that summarizes the science policy goals and priorities until 2030.

Open government district

At the Open Government Quarter in June 2023, Saxon scientific institutions presented current AI applications.

Long Night of the Sciences & Day of the Saxons

There's always something going on at the SPIN2030 stand - whether at the "Long Night of Science" in Dresden in June 2023 or at the "Day of Saxony" in Aue-Bad Schlema in September 2023...

Panel discussions

SPIN2030 shows what is being researched: During a panel discussion, scientists from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and Science Minister Gemkow addressed the question of how artificial intelligence will shape our future.

New major research institutions

Two new large-scale research centers are being established in Saxony. At two events in Crostwitz (German Center for Astrophysics) and Delitzsch (Center for the Transformation of Chemistry) in January 2024, people found out how the local population will benefit, what research is being carried out at the facilities and what the current status of the foundation process is.


Sustainability & Biomedicine/ Biotechnology
In themed tours through the state of science, we show what is being researched in Saxony, the minds behind it and, above all, what these research results bring us all!