Promotion of the Saxony Science Landscape

Furthermore, the Ministry of Science works closely with European and international partner regions to create framework conditions for collaborative projects in important thematic areas such as health research, biotechnology, raw materials, new materials, energy or mobility. In addition to funding from federal or EU programs, state research funding supports projects that cannot obtain support elsewhere.

Research in Saxony:

Building on success

By 2025, a total amount of more than 4.1 billion euros will be made available as part of the state's research funding to further strengthen the scientific landscape in Saxony and drive innovative projects forward - by 2030, this is expected to be more than 17 billion.

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billion euros for
Designelement, lila Kreis
million euros for our university medicine & university hospitals
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million euros for the
research institutions
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Federal State of Saxony

The Saxon Ministry of Science supports research projects from purely state funds.
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Federal Government Germany

As part of its own research programs, the German government supports development in key research areas.
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European Union

The European Union promotes research and innovation to strengthen cohesion in Europe.
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