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Four major universities, five universities of applied sciences, five art colleges and the Saxony University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie Sachsen) with its seven academies of study - Saxony's higher education landscape is characterized by a broad spectrum of study options and forms an important basis for training skilled workers for the Free State.
Together with the numerous non-university research institutions, the universities form the basic framework of the research landscape in Saxony. Especially in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT), Saxony's universities are also considered a high-performing and attractive location.
Do you want to make your time at university an unforgettable experience? Then choose Saxony.

Career made in Saxony:

Why studying in the Free State is worthwhile


Here you can turn your passion into a career

More than 105,000 students from all regions of Germany and the world are currently enrolled in Saxony's universities. Thanks to a huge range of over 1,000 courses of study - everyone is guaranteed to find the course that suits their personal interests and career aspirations.

Here you can feel at home

Saxony is the ideal place for an enriching and inspiring study time - even away from the university campus. The scenic diversity with the picturesque Erz- and Elbsandsteingebirge mountains close to the university campuses as well as the varied cultural landscape of the Free State with over 400 museums open up a seemingly endless world of art, nature and history.

Here you are supported

Saxon universities offer an excellent support program consisting of online preparation courses, mentoring programs and tutorials , to guide students successfully through their teaching. In addition, the universities and universities of applied sciences create an inspiring learning environment that promotes exchange with renowned researchers and experts.

Top ratings for studying in Saxony

In a recent study from May 2023, which can be read here, 60% of students rate the quality and study conditions in the state of Saxony as (very) good. Another 36% give a medium rating. Particularly good to know: 71% of the students emphasized that they (very) frequently received support from the teaching staff.

Which type of university

suits me?

Whether you have a practical bent and prefer technical subjects, want to live out your creative streak and love the arts, or harbor scientific curiosity and want to dive deeper into research and knowledge - in Saxony you will find the right university to start your career.

Universität zu Leipzig


Scientific work and research are of central importance at Saxon universities. They offer the largest range of subjects of all types of universities. The prerequisite for studying at a university in the Free State is the general or subject-specific university entrance qualification.


Kunsthochschule Leipzig

College of Art

Art and music colleges are equivalent to universities and offer a wide range of educational opportunities in the visual, creative and performing arts, as well as in musical disciplines. Even without a high school diploma (Abitur), it is possible to study there.

HTW Dresden

University of Applied Sciences

Their name suggests it - universities of applied sciences offer more practice-oriented teaching. Their range of subjects is smaller, but they often cooperate with practical companies. If someone wants to study at a university of applied sciences, they either need to have the Abitur, the Fachhochschulreife, or the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification.

BA Bautzen

University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie Sachsen)

The Saxony University of Cooperative Education establishes a close link between practice and theory at seven locations in Saxony. Students are optimally prepared for their careers by learning both in the company and at the Berufsakademie itself. The three-year training period is also remunerated on a monthly basis.


Which degree program is right for me?

Are you still unsure about which course of study is the right choice for you? We'll assist you in making that decision! Click your way through here:


At "Pack dein Studium. Am besten in Sachsen." you will find a sophisticated degree program search.
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Why studying MINT is worthwhile


MINT- eresting career opportunities

The career prospects in the MINT sector are terrific. Germany is already looking for hundreds of thousands of skilled workers in these fields. The growing importance of digitization is also leading to increased demand for MINT-professions.

As a graduate, you have the opportunity to play a significant role in development and research on future-oriented topics. MINT-professions also offer high starting salaries, permanent contracts and rapid salary increases.

MINT- eresting job prospects

A MINT-degree opens up countless career opportunities for you. Depending on your field of study, exciting fields of work are open to you in industry (product development, research, quality assurance), the IT sector (software development, data analysis, cybersecurity) and the service industry (banking, insurance, consulting). University and private research institutes also offer interesting opportunities.

MINT- eresting future

If you've always been fascinated by technical and scientific topics, projects and challenges, don't wait any longer! Especially in times of climate change, a MINT-degree will give you the skills to contribute to the groundbreaking innovations of the future and make a positive impact on our environment and society. 


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