Brenda Palestina Romero

My Institution
B CUBE – Center for Molecular Bioengineering der TU Dresden
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
PhD Student
Thanks to its expertise, facilities, and a community of curious and diverse researchers, I regard Saxony as a land of science. The realm of science extends here far beyond research institutes. One only needs to look at the microelectronics companies in Saxony. As a master's student at TU Dresden, I relished in this city that's so accommodating to students. I found joy in being guided through thought experiments by professors and delving deeper into topics like bio-nanomotors, optics, or chemistry. Now, as a doctoral candidate, I've had the opportunity to visit other labs in Saxony and learn new methodologies and approaches to science from leading researchers. The atmosphere within these institutes is consistently warm and inviting. I firmly believe that Saxony holds the potential to evolve into an even more diverse, integrated land brimming with science and curiosity.