Anke Nikowski

My Institution
Paper Technology Foundation (PTS)
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Project Manager Materials Testing & Analytics
I have been working as a project manager in the "Materials Testing & Analytics" department at PTS since October 2020 and am currently working on the protection of pharmaceutical packaging against counterfeiting/manipulation as well as labels and adhesive bonds. I particularly appreciate the diverse, relevant topics that are dealt with here at PTS by a wide variety of people with great expertise and commitment. The four research areas enable us to map the entire fiber cycle - from the fiber to the end product and back to the fiber via various recycling stages. As a non-profit foundation, we conduct application-oriented research and offer services for companies in the paper industry. It is exciting to see how problems from industry can lead to innovative approaches. Thanks to our close cooperation with other institutes and companies, there are many opportunities to gain valuable insights, make contacts and give presentations.