Dr. rer. nat.

Paul Warncke

My Institution
Chemnitz Clinic gGmbH
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
research associate/ pharmacist
I am personally impressed by the outstanding collaboration and the supportive network in the scientific state of Saxony. The open and cooperative atmosphere among colleagues not only creates an inspiring working environment, but also promotes interdisciplinary exchange, which is crucial for innovative research. For me, the diverse scientific state of Saxony means home and progress, where I can find excellent conditions for innovative developments, particularly in the research field of cell and gene therapy. I am also impressed by the diversity of the geographical environment, from historic cities to picturesque rural areas that offer a harmonious balance between nature and culture. The further development of Chemnitz, the city of my birth, as an attractive, technologically oriented location for biomedical sciences, as well as global networking with academic and clinical partners are goals that I would like to help achieve for Saxony and which are currently also being realized as part of the SaxoCell® project cluster.