Fabian Ettelt

My Institution
Dresden University of Applied Sciences with Centre for Applied Research and Technology e.V.
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Laboratory Engineer, Faculty of Geoinformation, Surveying Technology & Photogrammetry Laboratory
The fascinating opportunity to bring students, professors and scientists from other disciplines together in the university's laboratories and to observe how theoretical teaching content from lectures leads to new knowledge through practical exercises is particularly motivating in my daily work as a laboratory engineer at the HTW Dresden, Faculty of Geoinformation. In view of the growing interest and the wide range of possible applications in my field of photogrammetry, be it in the area of sensor technology, software or carrier platforms, students often approach me with their own research ideas. Many of these ideas relate to trying out surveying drones, laser scanners and cameras for various measurement applications. Most of the ideas can be implemented in our laboratory, on the HTWD campus or on the Elbe meadows in Dresden.