Non-scientific field

Julia Porath

My Institution
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Collegial IT Department Management
I studied business informatics as part of a dual study program and have recently become head of the IT department at the UFZ together with a colleague. In this way, I provide the best possible support for both science and administration in their daily work. It is important to me to create a modern and stable IT department that sees innovation as a driver and actively promotes it. In addition, it is very important to me to continue to drive digitalization forward and to understand, accept and dispel the fears of users that are often associated with it. For me, the UFZ is a great place to work and Leipzig is a perfect place to live. I can combine my interests here: social interactions and the many options of city life, while at the same time having good opportunities to relax in nature and the lake district in the south of Leipzig. In addition, Saxony is a culturally diverse state where there is always something new to discover.