Karishma Jagdish Gavali

My Institution
Dresden University of Applied Sciences with Centre for Applied Research and Technology e.V.
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
PhD Student and Research Assistant, Research Group Human Factors and Resources, HTWD
The various futuristic and innovative topics that are being researched in Silicon Saxony, without neglecting the authenticity of human life, really appealed to me. This is my first job as a research assistant. I am a PhD student at the HTWD. Although my work is very labor-intensive, my very helpful colleagues and supervisors help me, which has made the transition to work much easier. Working at HAW is a perfect interface between research and practice, which gives me the opportunity to put my own ideas and scientific findings into practice. Dresden is also very scenic and offers a perfect combination of nature and a touch of city life, which I really appreciate. An absolute win-win situation!