Soundarya Nagarajan, M.Sc.

My Institution
NaMLab gGmbH
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
PhD Student
When I finished my Master's Degree, I planned to start my scientific career in Dresden, the heart of Silicon Saxony. The semiconductor sector in Saxony especially in Dresden is booming and its rapid growth attracts many students to pursue their career in one of the biggest micro and nano-electronic location in Europe. Its a great place not only for research, and education but also for networking. The close cooperation among the different research institutes and companies expands the road for new opportunities and growth. Silicon Saxony also gives me an identity to be competing from among the top research communities in the world and plays a huge role in achieving my academic and research aspiration.I am a PhD student from Namlab which is focused on providing new nano-electronic material solutions for semiconductor devices and energy conservation applications. The experienced professionals and the facility transformed my interest, skill and knowledge of theoretical studies to practice.