Nagesh Jagtap

My Institution
Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
PhD Student at the HZDR Institute for Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, Department of Nanomaterials and Transport
About six years ago, I came from India to Dresden, and I've had a fantastic time here. The excellent scientific facilities and research institutes in Saxony, especially at HZDR, continuously motivate me to want to learn and research more. Currently, I'm working as a doctoral student at HZDR in the field of quantum technologies. On one hand, this involves the development of photonic circuits where light particles (photons) carry information. On the other hand, I'm researching the detection of tiny magnetic fields for space applications. However, I also love the city of Dresden with its beautiful old town, the River Elbe, the Dresdner Heide, the Neustadt, always inviting for celebrations, and of course, the many wonderful people I've met so far. There's so much to discover and experience—I've also found a few quiet spots where I go to relax.