Peter Boelens

My Institution
Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology of the Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf (HIF)
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
PhD Student in the Department of Biotechnology
Following my studies, as an aspiring researcher from Belgium, I ventured to Dresden for my Ph.D. Saxony holds a centuries-old history in resource and sustainability management. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand here, seamlessly blending with modern research and development in this region. The well-established research facilities offer ideal conditions to develop solutions for the current challenges of our time. I am deeply grateful for the excellent opportunity to passionately work here on pioneering technologies for the circular economy. But it's not just the work that excites me. Saxony is a true paradise for exploring nature, culture, and history. Whether with friends or colleagues, the discoveries are endless and inspiring. Life and work in this region unfold like an exciting adventure that fulfills me every day.