Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Holger Flederer

My Institution
Dresden University of Applied Sciences with Centre for Applied Research and Technology e.V.
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Chair of Bridge and Civil Engineering / Faculty of Civil Engineering
For several years, I have been researching and teaching in the field of Structural Engineering at one of the Saxon Universities of Applied Sciences – the HTWD. Due to diverse funding opportunities, we have succeeded in forming a broadly composed research team consisting mostly of young aspiring researchers. I enthusiastically observe how, with the growing expertise of the team in our research fields, increasingly complex and interdisciplinary topics can be successfully tackled. A particular characteristic of our applied research and development projects is the possibility to easily engage in various alliances with colleagues from other disciplines or Universities of Applied Sciences, as well as with diverse industry partners. We are increasingly experiencing interest in cooperative research, actively supported with valuable engineering know-how and financial participation from medium-sized Saxon construction companies.