Sara Francés González

My Institution
Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Project Manager
Semiconductor research and development in Saxony has had a strong influence on me over the last twenty years. I came to Dresden in 2005 as part of an exchange program that TU Dresden coordinated with my home university (Universidad de Valladolid). Since then, I have worked in international companies such as Infineon and Qimonda as well as at the Fraunhofer IPMS in Dresden for 15 years. Research in the field of microelectronics has developed rapidly since then. In Saxony and especially in Dresden, I see many opportunities to participate in this ecosystem. The exchange between different organizations, be it universities, research institutes or private companies, is very motivating and helpful. Initiatives such as the Women@DDc network or Girls' Day also promote the involvement of women in the industry and support interesting networking events in Saxony.