Non-scientific field

Till Kirst

My Institution
Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC) at Technical University (TU) Dresden
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Foreign language secretary
Working as a foreign language secretary, born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, I am employed at BIOTEC, TU Dresden, within an international environment. My role involves providing administrative support to international students and scholars, who represent the next generation of promising experts. This position allows me to broaden my horizons and accumulate cultural experiences. Understanding diverse perspectives and work methods is an integral part of the cosmopolitan work environment at TU, much like scoring a goal in football :-). This diversity enriches my personal life and enables continuous growth, even as a non-scientist. I value exchanging opinions to comprehend various viewpoints. I share these experiences daily with my daughters to instill in them an appreciation for diversity, to spark their interest in diverse subjects, and to encourage not just acceptance but also questioning