Non-scientific field

Yvonne Matthes

My Institution
Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Head of International Office at the HZDR
Over 20 years ago, I moved from Colombia to Saxony, and since then, I've observed the Free State develop into an internationally renowned economic and scientific hub. Knowledge transfer and internationalization hold great importance here. This is evident at HZDR, where I am responsible for the International Office. Here, I work with people from around the world who come to HZDR seeking answers to today's questions in health, energy, and matter, on a daily basis. Together with my team, I assist them in their start at HZDR. Many, like me, have come here to stay. They've established their families here and are grateful to see their children grow up in Saxony. I myself have four children and greatly appreciate the quality of life, the warmth of the people, the diverse cultural offerings, the family-friendly environment, and the beautiful landscape.