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SMWK/ Ben Gierig
September 14, 2023

Saxony - the beating heart of European microelectronics

Saxony, a region in Eastern Germany, is the beating heart of European microelectronics: one in three chips produced in Europe is manufactured in Saxony. For many researchers and students in this field, there is no way around "Silicon Saxony": 

Dr. Erika Covi from Italy | Senior Scientist | Cognitive Systems - NaMLab gGmbH | a TU Dresden company - Foto: SMWK / Ben Gierig

Between the towns of Dresden, Freiberg and Chemnitz, a unique cluster of companies and research institutes with know-how in the fields of micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, intelligent communication, energy-efficient systems, smart systems and networked sensor technology as well as organic and flexible electronics has formed itself.

Based on a scientific landscape of superlatives, four universities, five universities of applied sciences, nine Fraunhofer Institutes, three Leibniz Institutes, one Helmholtz Institute and two Max Planck Institutes are active in the field of microelectronics / ICT – and most of them are world leaders.

More than 6,800 students alone are trained in computer science at five universities, eight universities of applied sciences and four vocational academies. Enough research? "Silicon Saxony" is also gigantic on the industrial side: Globalfoundries, Infineon Technologies and Siltronic AG are expanding their Saxon fabs into the most modern production facilities in the world. TSMC will soon start building a factory in Dresden.

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Dr. Josef Goldberger
Liaison Officer
Taiwan Office of the Free State of Saxony | Dresden University of Technology
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