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September 19, 2023

Free State of Saxony x TU Dresden x TSMC: Semiconductor Talent Incubation Program

Saxony as an international big player

Whether for digitalization, the energy transition, or the mobility revolution - microelectronics is present in almost every technology and is characterized by a continuous flow of new innovations. A perspective that is particularly relevant for the economy and the problematic shortage of skilled workers in the region. Over the past decades, Saxony has evolved into one of the most significant hubs for micro and nanoelectronics in Europe and now stands as an international big player alongside the local semiconductor industry.

A substantial contributor to this is the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), which has decided to establish another chip location in the region due to the outstanding scientific network of development and research in the Free State.

What does this mean for Saxony's future?

TSMC has ambitious plans: by the end of 2027, approximately 2,000 new jobs are planned to be created for high-tech professionals in Saxony. A significant part of this endeavor is facilitated through an exchange program between TU Dresden and TSMC. The cooperation aims to educate German MINT students for careers in the semiconductor industry.

Up to 100 dedicated students have the opportunity to participate in the exchange program in Taiwan each year. Students spend six months at renowned Taiwanese universities, completing an established "semiconductor curriculum," followed by two months of practical training at the Newcomer Training Center and on the production floor of TSMC in Taichung. Students from 11 universities in Saxony can join the program and earn a total of 15 credits. Financial support is provided by the Free State of Saxony.

Minister of Science Sebastian Gemkow, TSMC Senior Vice President Lora Ho, and Rector of TU Dresden Prof. Dr. Ursula Staudinger after signing the agreement at TSMC in Taichung | Picture: Yuan Chang Li

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If your interest in cultural exchange and a promising career has been piqued, you will soon have the opportunity to leave your contact details here if you would like to receive further information on application procedures.

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