Non-scientific field

Stefano Della Chiesa

My Institution
Leibniz Institute for Ecological and Regional Development (IÖR)
My Position/Profession/Field of Study
Research Data Manager
Saxony is a place where I can flourish both personally and professionally. The culture of open-mindedness and encouragement of individual contributions at the Leibniz IOER institution is an invaluable asset. It provides me with the space to experiment with fresh ideas, personally contributing to the advancement of open science. This level of intellectual freedom is essential for me, as it allows me to approach my work with enthusiasm and dedication. Ultimately, working in Dresden excites me on a deeply personal level, driven by Saxony's vibrant past intertwined with Italian artistic traditions, including Baroque architecture and painters like Canaletto. It's also the simple things, like driving my Trabant through the enchanting natural beauty of the Ore Mountains while listening to the classic version of the Steigerlied, that make this life journey truly extraordinary.