SPIN 2030.
Science State Saxony

On the move by tradition: The research location Saxony convinces with an enormous diversity, attractiveness and excellence and occupies top positions in many areas. We want to show this with SPIN 2030!
What is SPIN 2030?
Just as the English word SPIN stands for rotation and movement, research in
Saxony is a component and often a pioneer of non-stop progress: whether in microelectronics or robotics, AI and quantum computing, in biotechnology and genetics, pharmaceuticals and cancer research, in the fields of energy and hydrogen, materials research and lightweight construction. We want to show this with the campaign "SPIN 2030. Science State Saxony" - and direct the spotlight on the performance of our university and research landscape. We want to spread the passion: across Saxony, Germany and the world, and inspire enthusiasm for science "Made in Saxony".

Science State Saxony

Numerous institutions at the highest international level
characterize the diverse research and university landscape in Saxony. The interactive map enables a precise search!


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Saxony - Passion for Robotics since 1625.
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